I'm pretty sure that Xenu Link Sleuth
(http://home.snafu.de/tilman/xenulink.html) will do that. I have the
same kinds of links in my documentation set, and it checks them. I'm
just not sure what happens when you point it to a .chm file. I've been
using mine to either check a manual by pointing it to the chapter that
contains links to all the other chapters, or by pointing it to the
documentation set displayed in a browser.

Fei Min Lorente

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Hi Framers,

I've created a chm file using MS HTMLHelp and I want to check that the
internal hyperlinks within it are correct. For example, I've added a
"See also" section at the bottom of a page to link to another page
within the same chm file. I've had to rename a number of the html files
so I want to double-check I haven't missed any renames or have any

My links I want to check look like this:

  <a href="../../Forms/html/ParametersForm.htm">Parameters (form)</a>

I've found something called CHMCheck, but this checks the external links
to other referenced chm files only, not internal links.

Can anyone point me to a free tool that can do this?

Thanks very much in advance.

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