We are evaluating wheteher we should migrate to Structured Framemaker. 

Our situation:

*       4200 English source pages to convert, 
*       no multi-channel output,
*       releatively small possibility of reuse, approximately 30% (if we
can use conditions)
*       translation into more than 20 languages.

We have Trados translation memory and the company is going to implement
Master Control, a document control sw system.

I know, it is now that we should discuss the situation with an unbiased

We have already contacted one consultant. They had a very large system
in mind, which was also used in the car industry and companies producing
cell phones. Such a system would cost hundres of thousands of dollars.

As I understand it, you only get real value out of structured Framemaker
if you have a CMS system. Are there other content management systems
that can do the job and be integrated with a translation memory system?

Best regards,

Verner Andersen

Med venlig hilsen - Best regards
Verner Andersen
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