Hi Deirdre,

Being let go just never feels good.  I'm sorry that you are experiencing

My first paid job as a technical writer was in 1972.  Since then, I have
held many different jobs (not all as a writer), some as a contractor and
some as an in-house employee.  The longest writing job was for 8 years
at Oracle.  I really love technical writing, and I have been blessed
with the opportunity to work both in offices with great people and at
home (which is the best for me personally).

Some of my contract work included a 12-year stint of short contracts
(from 9 weeks to 18 months).  Each time a contract ended, and even
though I knew all along that the end was coming, it felt as if I had
been fired for being a bad person.  Contract work met many different
needs for me and for my family during those years, and I benefited a
great deal from the contract work, and I always got another job right
away.  But it always felt BAD when I was leaving a job.

Speaking philosophically, major changes in my life always seem to have
pushed me to something worthwhile...not necessarily the next
job...sometimes to the next people or the next place.  This, of course,
was only made clear by hindsight.  I still went dragging my feet,
fighting change all the way.  I hate change!  Yet, change has always
been good for me in the long run.

Something good is coming your way.  You may not see it yet, but it's

Good luck, Deirdre!  Be happy, and be hopeful.  Good things are always
just around the corner.


Ed DeRosier

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