You need to check three things:

1. Open one of the HTML files in a text editor and see where the graphics
are supposed to be. Search for an img tag. The path of the expected graphics
location will be there.
2. Check the GraphPath=../graphics entry in your mif2htm file.
3. If you are using the Automation WrapPath= option. If you are, the
GraphPath option should build a folder under the wrap folder containing your

I would expect the first item will give you the best clue as to what is

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Subject: Mif2go - suddenly some graphics files won't import when creating

Hi Everyone,
I'm suddenly having a problem with Mif2go. All of a sudden graphics files
have stopped importing on some book files when I'm creating a HTML file.
Others import just fine. The graphics files are in the same folder, have
the same format - I can't find a difference between them that would cause
this behavior.
I've tried embedding the files instead of referencing them, but that
doesn't help.
Has anyone encountered this problem before?
Susan O'Connor

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