I have a series of 6 books of 6 documents each that use common documents (2).

Each book has a generated TOC.

These books crash FM and I don't know why.

For example, I create the book, do the numbering, 
update it, can print it, save after each 
operation, and close it. And then I just open and 
close the book 3 times in a row. The third time, 
FM crashes, the book is corrupt, and I have to 
recreate another book. And the problem will 
repeat itself. The backup book file may be corrupt too.

Are there some basic rules to follow to avoid 
this. Does the first document in a book (often 
the title page) have special importance. Does it 
have to be configured in a special way? For 
example, can it use variables, conditional formats, conditional text, etc.

I always use the same printer driver.

I have fifteen other books that work just fine. Very stable.

Any ideas...

Thx much!!!

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