I do this frequently for some of my clients. As the engineer who gave you
the SolidWorks drawing, to save the file as an .easm file, open the eDrawing
in SolidWorks eDrawings (a free viewer from SolidWorks) and then print the
drawing to PDF. Then open the PDF in Illustrator.

If you get the free eDrawings you can then just ask for the .easm file and
turn the object around, position it any way you need it and even hide parts
of the object. It gives you a lot of control of your illustrations.

Tim Lewis
Lewis Technical Communications, Inc.
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> I don't think the engineer saved it as a vectored drawing, because I
> can't seem to select individual parts of the illustration. I'll see if
> he can do that, and then I'll try it in Illustrator again.
> Thanks, folks.
> Nadine
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> > Since you said that you have Illustrator available. Open the
> > SolidWorks PDF
> > in Illustrator. Illustrator should recognize it as a vector
> > image.
> >
> > In Illustrator, select the objects you want and increase
> > the line width to
> > the desired thickness.
> >
> > Export it as JPEG and you should have what you are looking
> > for.
> >

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