Do you have a PDF copy of the original version, in which the graphics
look OK? If so, then you can use PDF as your graphic format and probably
retain the original quality. Just extract each page with a graphic on it
and crop as necessary to get the correct size.

We have to do this with old manuals when the original graphics are lost.


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I started with FM7, creating a user's manual for our equipment. I
dutifully imported the graphics by reference, using JPEG images (I
didn't know any better back then). Still, the output fit my needs, and
it worked fine.

Now I've upgraded to FM8, and those same graphics have 'aged' in a very
strange way. The printed output now has a grey patina overlaying the
imported graphic. I hesitate to try PNG because the truly ancient
software I used then doesn't list it as an option, and I'd have to
export as BMP, convert to PNG and go from there. Does anyone have any
matching experience?
Is there a fix other than recreating the graphics in a more
Frame-friendly format?

Frame 8.0p277

Graphics type: B&W line drawings

Original graphics software: Flow Charts & More! (We were a very small
company then.)

Vista SP1

Thanks in advance,



Lea Rush
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