Hi Tina, earlier this week during STC in Atlanta, Tom Aldous from 
www.intech.com was showing me how he was able to convert a FrameMaker book into 
XHTML files using RoboHelp 8, and then through a script was able to package it 
for the Kindle, and it looked really good on the device.

I'm not sure if Tom is on this list, but in case he isn't, I'm including him in 
this email, so that he may either provide more info to this list, or please 
feel free to contact him directly.


RJ J?cquez
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Does anyone have experience with publishing a print book created in Frame
for the Amazon Kindle? From what I've managed to figure out from the web,
the output is HTML, and there are a lot of dos and don'ts available from
Amazon. None of these, of course, refer to specific software that a book
might be created in. It seems as if most of the traditional publishing world
(big publishers like Random House, Harper, and so on) use InDesign, not

If anyone has tips or a useful site, please point me in that direction.

Tina Ricks | Editor | Trial Guides


tina at trialguides.com


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