Hi all,

I recently started at a new position. The documentation set is almost all in
FrameMaker (which is good) but the templates are a mess (which is very,
very, very bad). There are tons of unused paragraph and character tags in
each book and there are tags in some books that do not exist in others etc.
I've decided to tackle this one step at a time, where I solve one template
issue at a time. In this case, I am focusing on variables, they are used
everywhere but there use is inconsistent and all over the map. It would be a
nightmare to try to deal with this variable issue going document by
document, however if I was able to manage, edit, delete, and add variables
on the book-level then it would be manageable. So here's my question for you

What plugin would you recommend that would allow to handle variables on the
book-level? I have already looked into the BookVars plugin but the info I
have indicates its only compatible with FM 8 or earlier. Also, I'd
appreciate any one who would share their strategy for creating and managing
variables across different books in FM.


Joseph Lorenzini

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