Kristy Nolan wrote:
> I wanted to clarify - the html text isn't showing up in the
> post-WebWorks-ed files, only in the original Frame docs, and
> corresponding PDFs.
> K
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> Hi, all!
> I have a manual that we are trying to clean up past formatting issues.
> According to what I have read (I don't know much about this function), I
> can link to other documents using the Hypertext dialog box, choosing the
> "Go to URL Command" and entering the actual address. This works fine in
> Frame when I save as View Only and when I save as PDF. These look nicer
> in my draft document too, with just the link in blue.
> However, this manual actually gets published by running it through
> WebWorks Publisher Pro (yes, older). All of the links I have set up the
> above way don't work. All of the older format links do. Those older
> links look something like this:
> <a href=""; target="_blank">Guidelines
> for Leaders</a> This confuses many of the people who are reviewing these
> as PDFs, wanting to know why this "garbage" is in there, and what is
> really what they'll see.
> So, how do I get it to look nice on the draft side, and still work and
> look right on the publish side?
> Thanks for any and all advice!
> Kristy

I can think of two solutions:

1)  Create two condition tags (e.g., Draft, Publish) and duplicate every 
link, once for each style; tag with the appropriate condition and 
show/hide appropriately before sending to WWPP or Distiller.

2)  Publish to WWPP and then use
Acrobat File > Create PDF > From Multiple Files
                        or > From Web Page
depending on WWPP's output.

(Neither is very appealing in terms of workload/maintenance or 
usability.  Can't you just educate your reviewers??)


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