Hi Gerrit,

You could use FrameScript to do this (http://www.framescript.com). If you
need help with a script, please contact me offlist. Thank you very much.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc.
rick at frameexpert.com

Subject: Changing a whole lot of anchoring positions in FM 7.2

Hello all,

I'm currently converting three large books to a new template in
Framemaker 7.2 to make them consistent with our parent company's
documentation set. The biggest problem that I've run into is the
anchoring position of the anchored frames used for screenshots and
illustrations. Our old template required an anchoring position of At the
Insertion Point with an alignment of Center, but the new template
requires the anchoring position to be Below the Current Line with an
alignment of Left. After converting the files to the new template using
a FM plugin provided by our parent company, the old anchoring position
remains and the graphics are overlapping with the text -- and these
books are screenshot-heavy.

Does anyone have any tips or know of any plugins that would allow me to
update the anchoring positions en masse, or at least do it in a way
that's easier than updating each anchored frame individually? Google
hasn't been much help. BTW, all of this is being done in unstructured
Framemaker using version 7.2.

Gerrit Thompson

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