On behalf of Rick Quatro:

Hello Framers,

There have been some recent requests for a solution to convert graphics
imported by copy to graphics imported by reference. I have developed a set
of FrameScript scripts to help with this. The first is an interactive script
that works like this:

1) Select the graphic that is imported by copy.
2) Run the script by pressing a shortcut key.
3) The script will prompt you with a dialog box where you enter the graphic
type, dpi, filename, etc. The settings are "sticky" so that they will be
remembered the next time you run the script.
4) The script exports the graphic according to the specified settings, then
re-imports it by reference.
5) The original "by copy" graphic is deleted.

Since this script is interactive, you have to touch each graphic that you
want to process, but this gives you maximum control over the settings and

For a more automated approach, there is a companion script where you set the
graphic type and dpi once in an INI file. You also specify a folder for the
graphics and a prefix for the graphic filenames. The script then goes
through the entire document or book and processes all of the "by copy"
graphics according to the INI file settings.

Both of these scripts require FrameScript. If you are interested, please
contact me offlist. Thank you very much.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc.
rick at frameexpert.com

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