At our company they established a step called "incoming inspection". During 
this step, the publisher colleagues check the incoming Frame files and they 
allow more space for the call-out, tables etc. We work into 16 European 
languages, and as linguist - by the time the files get to me - I hardly ever 
have any space issues in the Frame files.

During the translation phase, in Trados Tag Editor, one can also "play some 
tricks" using tags to insert non-breaking spaces etc.

When I convert from the Trados translation environment into Frame, sometimes 
some text boxes have to be enlarged, but this is only occassional and it does 
not really take a lot of time.

The EN source material is not written by us, we receive it from another 
department, so I have no idea how those guys tackle this.

Hope this helps,


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I work with unstructured Framemaker 8.

As you all know some localised languages take up more space than others.
This may result in the English source version looking OK and the translated 
German version needing layout work. Do you have ways to minimizd the layout 

Do you plan for additional space in columns so that the same tables can be used 
in serveral languages?
In case of major updates of an English manual do you simply run it through the 
translation memory and redo the layout work on localized files?

Any tips on minimizing the layout work are welcome. Can we do more to minimize 
layout work on translated manuals if we go structured?

Best regards,

Verner Andersen

Radiometer Medical ApS
Akandevej 21
2700 Bronshoj
Phone: +45 38 27 38 27
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