Hi Richard,

Thanks again for your help on this. The problem resolved in an unusual way.

To recap, I was getting an Unresolved Cross-Reference Warning Message each time 
I opened the book file, no matter how I tried to refresh or relink the 
cross-references. The message never appeared when generating the book, only 
when opening the file.

Apparently the message is somehow related to good old Missing Fonts, possibly 
via character styles in the cross-reference format, because it disappears when 
the files are opened on a machine that has the missing fonts installed.


Ben Hechter 
bhechter at objectives.ca

--- On Thu, 4/30/09, Combs, Richard <richard.combs at Polycom.com> wrote:

From: Combs, Richard <richard.co...@polycom.com>
Subject: RE: pesky persistent unresolved cross-references
To: bhechter at yahoo.com
Date: Thursday, April 30, 2009, 4:54 PM

Well, I'm kind of stumped. All xrefs point to xref markers. The
Source Type = Paragraphs is just a convenience for us humans. FM puts an xref
marker at the beginning of the paragraph you select and gives it a unique ID
(the marker text), which the xref you're creating (and any subsequent ones to
the same pgf) points to. Xrefs become unresolved in two ways: (1) the file they
point to is moved or renamed; (2) the marker they point to is deleted (most
likely) or its marker text is changed (not common).  


Assuming you're not moving/renaming files, something's happening
to the markers in the destination file. You need to figure out what and when.
First, make sure you have View > Text Symbols selected so you can see the xref
markers (oversized Ts at the beginning of pgfs that overlap the first text
character). Then reinsert one of the markers that disappears. Now go to the
destination file and look at the pgf that the xref points to. Is the marker
there? (You can see the marker text by selecting the marker and opening the
Marker dialog -- Special > Marker.) Save both files. Is the marker still
there? Close the destination file and reopen it. Is the marker still there?  


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