It isn't clear whether you get the message when you change one
particular para format, or any one para format. If it's one particular
para format, I'd look for paragraphs of that type that may contain an
override and remove it...

If it's all para tags, I'd suspect an issue with one or more pages,
and I'd check, in no particular order:
 * The properties of the text containers on the master pages, to make
sure that all of them do, in fact, have SideHead space turned on.
 * There aren't any stray text containers that were inadvertently
added to either the master or one body page.
 * Create a new document from your empty template and copy-and-paste
the content from the problem document into it.


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On Fri, May 22, 2009 at 9:36 AM, Lin Sims < at> wrote:
> There's no doubt something I'm missing here, but for the life of me I
> don't know what it might be.
> I have a document with one text flow (A) that has been defined with
> side-heads, and the side-heads are enabled.
> I have paragraph tags that are defined as "Across all columns and side-heads".
> When I update one of these paragraph tags, I get a warning:
> ? ? ? ? ?You applied a side-head paragraph format to a paragraph in a
> flow that does not have room for side heads.
> ? ? ? ? ?For the main flow of the document, use the Format>Page
> Layout> Column Layout command to turn on room for side heads.
> Using Clean Import to reimport the Master Pages with "remove
> overrides" enabled has not fixed the problem.
> Washing through MIF has also not worked.
> Ideas?
> Specs:
> FM 8.277
> Windows XP Pro SP3
> (More plugins than you can shake a stick at, but they've been
> installed for almost a year and this only started happening
> yesterday.)
> Dell computer
> 2.40 GHz, Intel 2 Quad CPU
> 3.25 GB RAM
> (Here's hoping the US holiday weekend hasn't seen EVERYONE take the day off!)
> --
> Lin Sims
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