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> Hi all,
> I am importing styles from a "Styles" utility FM file I have made.
> So I imported a "Note" style with a line above and a line below. ?These
> lines are defined as pics in the References pages.
> The "Note" style was imported without the lines. Is there any easy way to do
> this.?
> I can copy the frame from the "Styles" file to an other file, but what if I
> have an FM book with 20 files...?

If I understand you correctly, you're importing the paragraph style
"Note" from one file to another, and the items above and below are
lost. Whey you say "These lines are defined as pics," do you mean that
the lines are graphic lines? The problem is likely that you overlooked
the way FM does the above/below paragraph stuff. The advanced
paragraph format property is called "Frame Above, Frame Below." Simply
importing the paragraph format doesn't import the reference page
graphics along with it.

To fix the problem, import the reference pages too. BUT FIRST, be sure
that all the reference pages your utility file match all the reference
pages in the chapter files; that is, if a reference page in the
utility file is named "stuff" and has different content from reference
pages in the target files named "stuff," when you import reference
pages, utility file's reference page will replace the target file's
reference page with different stuff.

FM can't import specific reference pages; it's all or none from the
source file. However, you can create uniquely-named reference pages in
the utility file and delete any reference pages that you don't want
the import process to replace.



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