Hi Eric,

This is actually by design (see the FrameMaker documentation), even though
it is not what you want in your generated files. I usually use FrameScript
to duplicate the Hypertext markers wherever there is a property change in
the paragraph. Each marker makes a separate rectangle link area, but since
they are all bumped together, it has the desired result in the PDF file. If
you are interested in a script like this, please contact me off list and I
will give you a quote. Thank you very much.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc.
rick at frameexpert.com

Hello. When I generate the TOC (or any other generated list), the link 
stops where there is a change in character formatting (for example, where 
I've used an italic character tag on a word in a heading). This carries 
over to the PDFs I generate. Has there been any fix or workaround to get 
the TOC links to span the entire line, either in Frame or Acrobat? Is this 
still an issue in the newest version of FrameMaker?

I'm using FrameMaker 6.0p405 & Acrobat 9.1 on WinXP Pro SP2.


Eric Isaacson
Product Literature Manager
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

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