SYSTEC is SQUIDDS, now and all efficiently tools are new bundled.

If you need plug-ins for FrameMaker 7.0 . or 9.0 you will find it here:

Plug-ins: Delete unused/Add new/Delete all Formats (Paragraph, Character,
User defined Variable, Cross reference, Table, Color definitions); 
Encoding in Selection; Document Transfer (FM<>MIF); Statistics; Character
formats for Conditional Text; Format List;
Rename Formats ..; Find/Change. ; Index markers .; Rename Elements.;     .by
Definition Editor; Named Destinations; Adapt imported graphics; Imported
graphics; Export copied graphics (jpg, gif, . and eps!);
Left/Right Alignment; Apply paragraph property changes in all opened books;
Special characters; Server analysis; 
List of paragraph overrides; Update Chapter TOC; Book Services; Books in
Books to PDF; .

.  with new License Manager to activate/deactivate thru Internet every time.

DITA-Services as part of DITA Package:

3D PDF Services as part of 3D CommPack:

Test it for 30 days, that's free and if you need one module or the TOOLBOX
Collection complete, then order it with following PDF Form (for US only):

NOTE: Please write a note on the pdf form in the field note, if you need it
in a previous release as for FrameMaker 9!
If you have a question then write an e-Mail to Robert in Midlothian, VA:
contact at

Thank you for choosing SQUIDDS (Twitter).

-          George

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