How much RAM and free disk space do you have? Creating the PDF eats up a lot
and can trigger a crash if it runs out.

Also, you don't mention how you're doing it -- printing to the PDF logical
printer or trying to use SaveAs... which I think isn't as good as printing
to the Acrobat printer.

Yes, the hotfix works and doesn't seem to break anything, so it certainly
wouldn't hurt to roll it on.


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On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 7:09 AM, Orly Zimmerman <orlyz at> wrote:

> HI All,
> I'm working in FM8 - TCS, unstructured, on Windows XP Pro
> I have a few questions:
> 1. Does anyone know of a way to get FM to stop creating the recovery files
> for when FM crashes?
> Lately, I'm working on an incredibly large book and whenever I change my
> conditional text settings, update the book and then try to create my PDF, FM
> crashes. I don't need those recovery files, and would like to disable their
> creation if possible.
> Question 2 is whether anyone knows how to get FM to stop crashing
> altogether when attempting to create the PDF -
> I seached the archives and came across a suggestion for a Windows Hotfix -
> Question 3:  Have any of you used the hotfix? Does it cause any other
> problems or does it actually fix the problem?
> Thanks,
> Orly Z.
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