Windows 7 has a new Fonts Control Panel that is a bit weird and sometimes

First of all, it groups all fonts of the same family together. For example,
all Arial is listed as one font, but if you click on that font, it opens a
window showing all the styles. For some Adobe font families, you might see
thirty-something typefaces that way and others, you might see several
separate groupings.

Secondly, I've found a problem in which the Windows 7 font panel refuses
to show any Type 1 fonts even after installing them. I am working with
Microsoft to debug and fix that problem. (Removing such "hidden" fonts
required registry edits - double ouch!)

        - Dov

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> Sent: Monday, November 16, 2009 4:12 PM
> To: Dov Isaacs
> Subject: [Free Framers] fonts in Frame9 on Win7
> I'm running Frame9 on a brand new install of Win7 on a brand new Dell
> workstation. Other than being horribly visually disoriented, all
> seems to have gone fairly smoothly (sorry Tammy). But I know the fun
> has yet to really start. My burning question of the day concerns
> fonts. The Fonts folder in the Control Panel contains a mere 11
> fonts, yet Frame and Word show zillions of fonts in their font lists.
> Where the heck are they located?  I've followed the Help instructions
> for loading new fonts (double click the font name and select Install)
> and they don't end up in the Fonts folder. Nor does drag-and-drop
> allow me to put them in the Fonts folder.
> The reason I'm asking is because 1) I want to know where the fonts
> are stored; and 2) I'd like to uninstall most of the non-system fonts
> that Frame sees as available. They take a long time to load and I
> don't need 'em. Do any of you new Win7 gurus happen to know where
> those suckers live?
> Carol

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