I am writing my PhD thesis using FrameMaker 7.  I am wondering if  
anyone has used a really good system for making bibliographies.  I  
have found a couple of solutions such as fbib and citemaker, and I  
might eventually use one of them, but for now I am trying to use a  
simpler method because I am running Frame through CrossOver on my  
Macbook Pro, and additionally, I would like to avoid reentering all of  
my bibliographic info into BibTeX format if possible.

I currently have all of my bibliography entries in a table in the  
following format:

[Abc03] Abc, Xyz, "A Title," A Journal, vol. 335, pp. 427-47, 2003.

I am using a table so that the tag part ([Abc03] in the example) is in  
the first column of the table and can cross referenced.  In the text I  
would like to cite a single entry like this: [Abc03], and multiple  
entries like this: [Abc03, Xyz90, Xyz02].  However, I can only figure  
out how to generate cross references in one of these two formats:  
[[Abc03], [Xyz90], [Xyz02]] or [Abc03], [Xyz90], [Xyz02], and neither  
of these is acceptable.  The problem is that I can't figure out how to  
grab the "Abc03" part of the tag without grabbing the [ ] brackets  
too.  Is there any way to hide the [ ] backets in the cross reference  
using conditional text or perhaps by putting the Abc03 part into some  
type of marker or variable?  If not, does anyone have a suggestion for  
a better way to generate a bibliography?  Also, if anyone has had good  
experiences with either fbib or citemaker and FrameMaker 7 that would  
be helpful too as using one of them might solve my problem too.


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