We have several customers that jumped from 7.2 to 9.03 with very little
difficulty. 9.0 was a disaster, but if you patch up to 9.01, then 9.02 and
then 9.03 *before* loading old documents I don't think you will meet much
trouble (our customers work with *Structured* FrameMaker and don't use the
GUI much -- they primarily use automation and the publishing kernel).

Last week a 7.2 customer using CMYK TIFF images in a catalogue (7.449
images) had a problem because his printer implemented new Printing
Technology and therefore no longer accepted pre-separated PS or PDF files
for print (hmmm ... perhaps he didn't want pre-separated files because of
the extra work and added responsibility, but that's another story).

7.2 (Windows version) can NOT provide proper composite CMYK output in any
way; in addition, any version before 9.X simply destroy CMYK TIFF images on
composite output (and 9.X still does when you Print to PDF instead of using
the Save to PDF option, so please *use* the Save option if you possibly can
- and ignore what others have said about their preference for Print to PDF).

Play hazard and stay with pre-9.X versions or play safe and upgrade. That's
the plain and simple choice you have - if you have a realistic view on this

Best regards / Med venlig hilsen
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