I got stuck with that, too. It had a certain Art Deco geometric charm...
At first I did not like the tabs for each file, so I unchecked
File>Preferences>Interface>Documents>Open Documents as Tabs

Later, I wanted the tabs back, so I checked it again, but it didn't
convert the untabbed chapters back to the tabbed UI, I had to do it
I did it by dragging each file to a magic spot where the tabs belong,
and then dropping it when the magic blue line appeared. 

Good luck!

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Has *anybody* tried Open All Files in Book?  Don't you get all the
document file windows nested within each other such that the 10th
document file is a slit of a page?  (Or am I suffering hallucinations?)
Doesn't anybody find that a problem?  Basically, it seems the new
windowing paradigm isn't completely under control.  Are there plans to
address that?  And are there plans to expose it in the API?


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