I am using Frame 9 from a TCS2 package (XP). For me the many qwirks and bugs in 
the new interface have been less than pleasurable. I finally have a saved 
workspace that I can live with. 

One bug that is very frustrating for me is the vertical scroll bar locking up 
and becoming inoperable using the mouse. Clicking above or below the elevator 
does nothing. Attempting to drag the elevator does nothing. One solution I have 
found is untabbing the file, but what a pain. The lockup is not 100 percent. 
The scroll will work OK, and then just stop, presumably because of some action 
that I have not been able to determine. So instead of doing my work I find 
myself playing with it to get it back. Has anyone else seen this and have a 
better solution to get it back, or better yet to stop the lockup? 

Also, has anyone reported the "change of behavior" with the "Fit Window to 
Page" relationship to Zoom? Before Frame 9, after selecting "Fit Window"?you 
could change the zoom and the "Fit" would follow automatically as long as you 
did not manually change the fit with the mouse. With Frame 9 this no longer 
works. You must often re-select the "Fit" after each zoom, but again not 100 
percent of the time . A minor nuance, but new interfaces should not break 
existing functionality. With Frame 9 the interface broke a number of things. 

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