Hi Jakob...

Regarding StructureSnippets .. you can manually edit the "snippet" files 
to unwrap the root element to leave just the plain text. This may help 
in the short term, and I'll look into updating the plugin to accommodate 
plain text (CDATA) nodes as a standard feature.

Adding the ability to create and manage custom toolbars would be a bit 
of work, and could probably be a plugin of its own. If you don't find 
such a tool (I'm not aware of one), I'd be happy to look into developing it.



Scott Prentice
Leximation, Inc.

Jakob Fix wrote:
> Hello,
> We're looking at weaning our authors off a previous XML authoring tool
> (Syntext Serna) and get them accustomed to FrameMaker 9 (structured).
> One of the things they really liked with the previous tool was the
> possibility to create easily graphical buttons in the menu bar and
> associate them with a text or structured snippet. Over time they
> accumulated a long row of icons used to quickly insert these snippets
> and thus avoided speling errors.
> I'm looking for an equivalent solution for FrameMaker 9.  I have found
> Leximation's StructureSnippets plugin which is very close our
> requirements but apparently does not allow for non-structured,
> text-only contents (each snippet must be surrounded by a root
> element). Although this plugin does not provide icons in the menu bar,
> one can use the context menu, the keyboard or the modeless dialog box.
> Unless somebody can suggest a solution to my problem, I would be
> interested to hear from the FrameMaker customisation experts on this
> list about the work necessary to implement this plugin (in FDK rather
> than FrameScript). Requirements in a nutshell would be:
> - provide a way to easily associate unstructured or structured text
> (up to 1024 chars, this limit is for guidance only) with a button in
> FrameMaker's menu bar (and optionally other access methods such as
> context menu or modeless dialogue)
> - store them persistently in between sessions
> - allow for easy management (i.e. list buttons, add, modify and delete
> a button and its associated snippet)
> - as a plus, allow for custom icons to be used for the buttons
> cheers,
> Jakob.
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