Hello All,

After finishing a book we used the Zenserve Book Store Plug-in for FM to 
pull a copy of all files, including images used in the book, and place 
them into a new folder, Book Store would do this no mater where the 
original file was saved and would maintain all cross-references and image 
links in the new copy of the book. 

This copy could then be sent to translators or printers with no font or 
missing link issues. A copy is also saved into an archive system separate 
from our working files.

Unfortunately, Zenserve appears to be out of business, so as we replace 
our computers we can no longer get new licences to reinstall the plug-in.

Would any of you have a recommendation for a replacement to Book Store? 
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time,

Rob Radcliffe
Technical Writer, Technical Writing Department
Invacare Corporation
Office: 440-326-3195 Fax: 440-326-3912
rradcliffe at invacare.com
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