Perhaps it is on your Windows desktop? That is another [common] download
file location ...


> Hi Framers,
> I am trying to install a trial of Framemaker to see if it suitable for
a big directory publishing job which my client is trying to do (without
much success) in InDesign. I downloaded a huge file (took all afternoon)
and then when I tried to run it got a message that I had to install 7zip
(which I thought I already had). Anyway I downloaded and (re)installed
7zip. But now I can't find the file to install. I know I downloaded it
into my Downloads folder but I don't see anything likely in there. I
went back to the Adobe site to do it again and when I started the
download it said that all the files were already there (in the Downloads

> Can anybody offer any clues as to what the file is called?

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