Hi, Janice.

There are lots of people here who have, over the years, experienced
problems with the "Save As PDF ..." method. So, it has become the
"normal" recommendation over time to avoid that.

However, there are some of us who have *not* had problems. In fact, I am
one of those who believes that the "Save As" capability works better and
more reliably for me ... and I have heard from others in the same vein

FWIW, here is an old post from me to this list on the issue:

> > To be as clear as possible, the "save as PDF" feature of FrameMaker
7 is not at all compatible with Acrobat 7, 8, or 9!
> >
>       - Dov

> Folks, I have to ask if this is categorically true for everybody ...
because, my experience with "Save as PDF" to Acrobat has been just fine
over the years.

> I have used all versions of FM 6, 7, and 8 (for FM 9, evaluation only
for a few weeks) with the various *similar* Acrobat generations
available at those times (including FM 7.2 with Acrobat 8) and have not
had any major difficulties with the "Save as PDF" from within FM.

> (Other than the issue with having to change the paragraph tag settings
- one time for any given document - for the PDF generation back and
forth a few times till I get the sequence right and prevent the
now-expected FM crash. But that is a one-time frustration - albeit silly
and aggravating and I wish Adobe would fix it - with any given document
and any given version change of FM or Acrobat. After making the changes
to the settings for a document, when using a new version of FM, the
"Save as PDF" works perfectly for me from then on.)

> In fact, having tried both "Save as PDF" and "Print to PDF" (only a
few times though), with "Save as PDF" I'd say I get better results,
since it gives me the heading markers and window automatically ... which
I was not able to figure out afterwards with "Print to PDF", so I gave
up on that fairly quickly.

> Is this perhaps a case of "YMMV" rather than a clear problem for

> Z

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I tried to send this message last week, but it did not seem to get
I have just joined frameusers.com and have never posted before, but have
been lurking and learning. 

In your original post you indicated that your client could create a pdf
successfully by using Save As. Are there any problems with that method?
ask because I went through this issue when I first learned that it is
practice" to set your default printer and print to Adobe PDF (which I
using the Sundorne utility). As with your client, printing to Adobe PDF,
however, would produce no output. I tried all of the things that have
suggested to you on this forum. I've seen nothing new here that I had
tried. Nothing changed - I still could never get any output. I did
though that using the Save As method produces PDFs quickly with no
text or similar issues that used to be reported when using Save As, so I
have been using the Save As PDF method successfully ever since. 

(This is me touching wood...) I'm not sure what I'll do if Save As PDF
working for me, but hopefully I never have to cross that bridge. 

Janice Swanson, 

Technical Writer


Iders Incorporated


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