Back in September, while doing a search at my local Borders, I found
reference to Adobe Technical Communications Suite 2, Classroom in a Book. It
was a paperback with a CD and it was to be published in December of this
year. I was waiting until this October to pre-order (when I had accumulated
Borders rewards and bucks) and when I went back to order the book, it could
not be found anywhere on their search site and I also could not find it on
Barnes and Noble's site either. I searched Adobe press and found the entry
for the book, but with a disclaimer that the book was not yet
available/wouldn't be available until December, but no way to pre-order, so
I googled and found five vendors that supposedly let you pre-order: -,, Deep, Tower,com, and, and (
459093&sa=title#p). Long story short - only Deep allowed me to
pre-order and supposedly it will be available to ship in December, but . . .

Anyway, has anyone else tried to order this book, know anything about its
viability/availability or even it truly exists and will be available in

Thanks so much,


Tammy Van Boening


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