The text-inset solution Jeremy Griffith provided to the list (and to me
earlier this year) is a good one for my needs. I work on a Storage
Industry dictionary, and it's a FrameMaker book with each letter a
separate file (needed for the Web version  We also create print and
PDF). This is great for me for single sourcing but not for the many
people (working at multiple companies) in charge of reviewing the
dictionary twice per year and making additions and deletions. They need
to work with one clean source file (this time I kept it in Frame; last
time they asked for Word, and I used MIF2Go as a final step for that).
Once I set up a corresponding book with one file with text insets of
each letter, I can (and just did) very quickly update it with each new
version of our dictionary. This single file has also been useful for our
international affiliates translating the dictionary.

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