Look up Cross references in the Frame help. That will get you going.


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Subject: To make a hyperlink to a different area of text in the same book

Hi all,
I need to make a hyperlink (hypertext) to a different area of text in the
same book-- actually in the same document/file.

How would I do this.

In Word this would be a two step operation:

1. Create a bookmark extending at or over the range of the text.
2. Create a hyperlink by opening the Insert Hyperlink dlg box , locating the
bookmark and then creating the hypertext.

How do I do this in FM.

I can see that in FM there are things called markers (like bookmarks?).

And I can make cross-references to markers by setting the 'Source Type' to
'Cross-reference Markers', but then I am not sure which building block to
put in the Reference Format that I must make. I have found something
predefined called 'MarkerTextOnly' but when I use that it just deletes the
text to which I wanted to add a hyperlink.

Help would be appreciated ...


- avi

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