It sounds like you have extra Hypertext markers in your document. With the
document open in Frame, open the Marker dialog and then search for all
markers of type Hypertext. Watch the cursor placement carefully. I would be
will to bet, if I was a betting type, that there are multiple markers with
the same content placed adjacent to each other.

If, during the search, the cursor doesn't appear to move AND the content in
the marker dialog remains the same, delete the second, or successive,

David Spreadbury

Sr. Technical Writer

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Subject: [TCS Users] Re: Hyperlinks in FrameMaker 9

Hi All,

So I found a workaround but I am not thrilled with it.  I looked at the
information on this thread: If I set
the document to Format > Document > PDF Setup > Links > Create Named
Destinations, then my linking problem is resolved. However, this does make
my PDF bigger, which I think is silly. To shrink the PDF back to its
original size, I have  to open the pdf in acrobat and run the PDF optimizer
(under Advanced) with cleanup/ remove unreferenced named destinations

If anyone knows how to fix this hypertext issue without having to use the
Created Named Destinations option for links and thus increase the size of
the PDF, please let me know.

Joseph Lorenzini

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