James Dyson wrote: 

> Good morning. I'm hoping your collective experience can help us decide
> the best way to handle this. I'd be happy to send a short sample to
> anyone willing to view this. Goal: Steps that need a graphic will have
> an anchored graphic positioned at right of that step, using as little
> manual adjustment as possible.

I second Roger's recommendation that you drop the captions, with his
caveat that it depends on just what you're doing and the type of

If you must have captions, Mike's suggestion to use a table resolves
both the caption and alignment issues. 

Another approach would be to set up a side head to the right of the text
column, sized appropriately for your graphics. Put the caption, if you
use one, and anchored frame in a side head pgf. You'll probably have to
experiment some with alignment, etc., but once you have the pgfs defined
properly, it should work every time, with the caption and graphic always
having the same relationship, alignment-wise, to the related text. 


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