Milton, Cynthia wrote:

> When I print the container doc to PDF, the Xrefs within the inset doc
> not convert to links.

Cross-references that are within a text inset don't convert into
hyperlinks in the PDF. This is a long-standing problem not corrected in

The workaround is this: 

1) Open and save all the files in the book. 
2) Convert all the text insets to text. 
3) Save as PDF. 
4) Close all the files _without saving_. 

Step 2 goes faster than you'd think because when you right-click a text
inset, you can elect to convert all the text insets in that file. So
it's one operation per file, not per text inset. 

As you might guess, step 4 is critical. Blow it, and all your text
insets are gone. 

The whole process can be automated with a FrameScript, and Rick Quatro
( is the guy to contact, as Diane Gaskill suggested
(although I think she was actually referring to a different problem
involving x-refs to destinations inside text insets; that one can be
avoided by inserting the x-refs correctly to begin with). 


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