Hi Tina,

I have found InDesign's performance to be sluggish with long documents.
Although InDesign has built-in scripting, the FrameMaker/FrameScript
combination is much faster for automation.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc.
rick at frameexpert.com

Can anyone point me to a thorough comparison list of features between FM9
and InDesign? I'm using Frame primarily for print books at a small
publisher, and using it because I know it and I'm familiar with it.

I currently use Frame 8, and I'm considering an upgrade to either Frame 9 or

I've read that InDesign CS4 recently added cross references. Does anyone
know how they compare to Frame's feature? Also, what about creating an index
in InDesign. What features does it have for dynamic indexing?


Tina Ricks | Managing Editor | Trial Guides


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