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>I do not know if a forum dedicated to Mif2Go issues exists, so I 
>am posting my request here. 

That's fine; so is <framers at omsys.com>.

>I am using FM7.2 and Mif2Go on 64-bit Vista (no comment).

As a point of general interest, it seems that for 64-bit
Windows you need to install the conversion DLLs and EXEs
in \windows\SysWOW64 as well as (or instead of?) the
usual \windows\system32.

>HTML pages generated by Mif2Go contain links to images such as 
>"C:/EclipseHelpFolder/aa0fxxx.jpg". The problem is that I do not 
>have any "aa0fxxx.jpg" images in my folder, only "0fxxx.jpg", 
>and as a result images won't display. Where does this "aa" prefix 
>come from? Is this a .ini conf problem?

The "aa" is the FileID from mif2go.ini, and the lack of it on the
images means that one component DLL couldn't find that ini file.
Make sure that the path to it in [FDK]IDFileName is correct *and*
is absolute (since it has to work from unpredictable locations).
Normally this only happens if you create a project in one place,
then move it to another, but don't correct the paths in [FDK].

>Thank you very much for your support,

Quite welcome!

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