Joe, just to clarify one point....

The SaveAsPDF function is still buggy in 9, although most of those
issues seem to be around CMYK generation.... I don't use it.

What I'm suggesting is that your system default printer should be the
Adobe logical printer so that all fonts are stable and embedded, etc.

Then use File > Print Book (or Print for a file) and select the Adobe
PDF printer. It'll prompt you for a PDF file name and prints and
distills in one action. If you're using bookmarks and other bells &
whistles, make sure the Generate Acrobat Data checkmark is activated
but the Print To File checkbox is clear.


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On Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 10:48 AM, Joseph Lorenzini <jaloren at> wrote:
> Hi Art,
> I have a brand new system. Its a Compaq 8510w with the following specs:
> Windows XP Professional SP3
> Intel Core? 2 Duo
> 17777 @ 2.40 GHz
> 3 GB of RAM
> I am running Framemaker 9p250 and Acobrat Pro Extended version 9.2.0. I also
> keep all the other software in the Tech com suite 2.0 up to date.
> I have always printed to a PS file because when I used FrameMaker 7, I found
> the File > Save as PDF option to be slightly buggy, whereas the two-step
> process was more stable. But that was then with FM7 and this is now with
> FM9. I have no problem switching back and (yes skipping the additional step
> would be nice).
> I am also going to look into the hotfix, which looks promising. Due to the
> way my company has my laptop set up, it will automatically do all sorts of
> resource intensive things in the background that I have no control over
> (such as running a virus scan). Printing a large FrameMaker book to a PS
> file can take several minutes. I wouldn't be surprised if some background
> service started up, killing my virtual memory thus corrupting the PS file.
> Thanks for the info,
> Joe

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