Hi, Kelly

I use a commercial "PDF-to-Word" tool and bring it into RTF, because the
Adobe PDF Professional "output as a RTF" is pretty darn useless, IMHO.

Yes, there is still some residual overhead in getting the FrameMaker doc
right, but much better than any other approach that I have found.

For a typical 100+ page document, the process takes me on the order of a
day or two to bring into FrameMaker. Then, life is fine for making
changes to the document - the usual reason for doing this process! :)

BTW, there are a nunmber of such PDF-to-Word tools available ... my
early experience some years ago was with one of the early ones: Nuance
(formerly scansoft) PDF Convertor Pro (www.nuance.com) so I have stuck
with it. YMMV, of course.


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MarCom revived some old software...from the last millennium...really.

The only docs I have are in PDF and I need to get the content into
FrameMaker. I'd like to go to FM( with the original formatting and name
so I can do a Replace to bring the tags up to current spec. I can save
the PDF as an RTF and import the RTF into FM, but I've done that before
and it's a PITA. Word RTF adds all manner of wonkiness to the doc.

I'm looking for suggestions on how to get the PDF content into
FrameMaker 9. (FYI, I already tried squeezing...no joy.)...regards,


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