So, after suffering through Vista, I happily was an early adopter of the
upgrade to Win7 this past weekend and yes, despite all the
guarantees/assurances/promises of it being a seamless/transparent upgrade, I
must pick myself up off the floor after collapsing in laughter at all the
issues/gotchya's that ensued. (It was either laugh, or cry hysterically and
lose all sense of hope and sanity - but wait - I do that anyway with
anything that has to with a Windows upgrade!)

I think I am through most of the trials and tribulations, but this issue
remains - I am having to set up my Task Bar/Start menu again and I have
Adobe TCS2. I >>DID<< have all of the icons (FM, Captivate, etc.) pinned to
both, but >>NOW<< when I right-click on the icon for RobohelpHTML 8, there
is no option for pinning  to the Start bar or Task menu. All of the other
icons (for FM, Captivate, etc.) still show this option and when I double
click on the RoboHelp icon, it opens and I can load a project. . ., so . . 

It's not a biggie, bit I would like my little PC world to be all put back
together and have it all be right again. . . 

LOL and TIA!


Tammy Van Boening


Spectrum Writing, LLC

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