Hi all:

I'm single sourcing using FrameMaker 9.0 and ePublisherPro 2009.2.

The chapters in my FrameMaker book have many screen captures (.gif format), 
which need to appear in the PDF version. These screens do not need to appear in 
the EpublisherPro generated HTML online help version. I've enabled the PDF 
options in EpublisherPro so customers can access the PDF version of the book 
from the online help.

WebWorks tech support recommends I conditionalize the anchored screens in my 
FrameMaker book chapters, hide them, print to PDF, and replace the 
auto-generated  PDF file that EpublisherPro creates with this file.

I tested a chapter of my book and can see how this will work. However, before I 
go ahead with this method, I thought I'd see if anyone else has done it this 
way - or knows of a better way and can share their experiences.

Thanks for your help!


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