You can look for keystroke commands in the *.cfg files in your
FrameMaker installation directory. There may be one for applying Keep
With Next Paragraph. You can learn about customizing these files here:

If it's not available through a customized menu, and you don't want to
use a dedicated paragraph format, you can try a kludge like this:

NOTE: Tap the keys in order, one by one. Case is important.
NOTE: ! means the Escape key

! o p d (opens paragraph designer with the current paragraph style active)

Page Down or Page Up to the Pagination properties panel of the designer

Tab through the panel to the Keep With area and select the Next option

Tab through the panel to Apply (not Update All)

It's probably more work than you'd like<G>.



Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 4:34 AM, Shmuel Wolfson <shmuelw1 at> wrote:
> Applying Keep with Next in this way is basically making exceptions to
> the paragraph styles. It's not the type of thing they would make a
> shortcut key for. If you want a shortcut key, you might consider adding
> a style for the end of the page. You could call it EndOfPage, and define
> it with 600 points after the paragraph. This forces the rest of the text
> to the next page without making an exception to any style. Then you
> could use "F9,e,n,ENTER" to apply the style.

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