Art Campbell wrote:
> Have you tried saving the files and the TOC file out as MIF, and opening and
> saving those files? Then update the book? Also, I think the f: message means
> that you have a character format in play, but I don't have a version that
> old on this system to check. You may want to select the para tag and reapply
> it, or try setting the character tag to Default.
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> On Fri, Oct 30, 2009 at 10:34 AM, <strewth at> wrote:
>> New TOC.
>> I believe the new template uses the same colors, etc.
>> Frame 7.2, WIndows XP, network drive.
>> I've never had this problem before and I work on about 20 manuals.
>> What's interesting is that in the chapters, the headings that are appearing
>> as red in the TOC are black, but the status bar at the bottom of the page
>> says f:Red. So even if I make a new TOC, unless I can figure out how to
>> change the headings to say f:Black, I'm kind of hosed.

The presence of "f:Red" indicates that a character tag named Red has 
been applied; the fact that the text is in fact black suggests that the 
character tag in the chapter is defined with black text colour, in spite 
of its name.  The same character tag in the TOC may be defined as you 
would expect with red text colour, thus producing red text only in the 
TOC.  I'd take a look at the character tag definitions in the offending 
chapters, and do as Art suggests in reapplying default para font to the 
problem headings.


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