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Brabson, Michelle wrote:

> Does anyone know if FrameMaker works with Remote Desktop? I have this
> up and I find that several files I work with blow up. I do not have
> problem on other configurations, that is, not using Remote Desktop. I
am on
> FrameMaker 7.2.

Fairly regularly, I take home a laptop that I can connect to the corp.
network via VPN. I then use Remote Desktop to work on my main PC at the
office. I've run FM 7.2 that way any number of times and never had a
problem. I wouldn't expect to -- it seems to me that FM (or any program
running on a PC to which you've connected via Remote Desktop) shouldn't
even "know" that its mouse and keyboard input are coming from elsewhere.

What do you mean by files "blow up"? Are the files on the PC to which
you're connecting, or are they on a network server? From where and with
what bandwidth are you connecting? A Remote Desktop session unavoidably
induces some delays as data is sent to and from the connecting PC (the
worst being screen refreshes). If there are also delays because the FM
files are elsewhere on the network, maybe you're encountering some weird
timing issues. 


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