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>I'm using Mif2Go 3.3 and FrameMaker 7 to produce OmniHelp. I have a
>conversion template to map paragraph formats. The output is fine except for
>one paragraph format; the text for that format is too big. I've checked the
>conversion template, and the format is correct. Anyone know of a reason why
>a particular format would come out a different font size in OmniHelp?

First, look at local.css and see if it's correct there.
Assuming the CSS shows a size that's too big, the next 
step is either just fix the CSS, or figure out why it
came out that way.  Possible reasons are name conflicts
for formats (two formats with names that become a single
name when the CSS rules for names are applied, like
"Heading 1" and "heading1"), or incorrect element name 
for format (CSS says "p.name" but element is an "li").

There are fixes for any problem, but first you need to 
identify the exact problem.  ;-)


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