Hello, first post ever....

I have been using Framemaker for about six or seven years, primarily
within the context of a manual document template created long ago. I
have forgotten how we made a particular paragraph style and need to make
some more like it.

This style is used for cautions and warnings in technical manuals
pertaining to industrial machinery. The current ones have a colored bar
running full column width, and the bar displays a graphic symbol
[triangle including an exclamation point] and the word, warning or
caution. Below that bar is where your entered text will appear; the
specifics of your warning or caution.

To be in compliance with some international styles of safety
information, I need to make some more, perhaps with different symbols
and certainly different words. I can't for the life of me figure out how
these are constructed.

Can someone here tell me how to do this? I would be happy to email some
examples to someone if that was helpful or necessary.

Thank you for your consideration....


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