Jeremy H. Griffith wrote:
> Also, if you use StripGraphPath=No, and don't set a GraphPath, you
> are saying to preserve the original paths from the Frame files.
> Those are unlikely to work.  If you are putting the graphics in
> the same dir as the HTML, you definitely want StripGraphPath=Yes.
Hi, Martha. No one seems to have followed up Jeremy's remark about 
GraphPath.  It's supposed to default to the value of WrapPath, but I 
infer that if StripGraphPath-No, it might get the original path as a 
value. This is all rather hazy for me. In a case like this, I'd set 
GraphPath explicitly just to see what happens.

Section 33.51 says you can also use relative or absolute paths in the 
GraphCopyFiles statement. That also  might be worth a try, again just to 
see what happens..

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