Although this problem is not on the FrameMaker side of things, I'm sure it is 
common for Frame users to send out docs as PDFs for review.
A major problem with the Commenting function has appeared in Adobe Reader.
It seems like it MIGHT be related to some Adobe updates that were just pushed 
through by our company.
I enabled a PDF for commenting and sent it out for email review.
The receivers see in the document properties that it is enabled for commenting, 
but they cannot access the commenting toolbar.
This happened both with Reader 8 and 9.
I could not find the toolbar either.  There was nothing under the View > 
Toolbars menu or the Tools menu that would activate it.
We have been using this function for a long time and depend on it, but it has 
suddenly disappeared.

A strange fact is that when one user upgraded from Reader 8 to 9, it solved the 
problem for them, even though someone else with Reader 9 still had the problem.

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