So does the DTD include anything for conditional text? An attribute 
setting that can be used?


Stamm, David-P45904 wrote:
> 2009-09-29-02T12:25Z
> Thanks to all who responded, naming (only the first five in order of 
> receipt):  Alan Houser, Sarah O'Keefe, Bodvar Bjorgvinsson, Nadine Murray, 
> "theboggette," et al.
> To help clarify:
>   1.  We were provided the document type definition by a US Army major 
> command, and (until permitted otherwise), we're not allowed to change it.  
> Therefore, our .edd is similarly fixed.
>   2.  We are not using Darwin Information Typing Architecture.
>   3.  In FrameMaker (unstructured), we encoded only whole paragraphs with 
> conditional text.  It seems as though we need to continue doing that in 
> structured - including the opening and closing tags for those paragraphs.
>   4.  For those who read my posting as a possible solicitation for 
> employment, sorry.  I didn't mean to imply that and wish all of you well in 
> whatever your journeys hold next.
> Art Campbell, thanks for the tips about Free Framers list at, the 
> Yahoo Structured FM group, and the structured and unstructured FrameMaker 
> forums at  I might try Free Framers.  As for Yahoo, I don't think 
> I can "get there from here" because of information security restrictions.  My 
> postings to the forum at adobe dot com did not get through, either.
> Fei Min Lorente, I might check in with you.
> ?Thanks! and regards to all,
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> Subject: Requesting help with 40051-2, conditional text
> Posting a fourth time:  earlier postings did not get through
> Adobe? FrameMaker? 8.0p277 (2008-05-23-07) structured
> US Army DTD as provided by Writer / Editor, US Army major command.
> We are shifting from FrameMaker unstructured into structured.  Our first 
> project is to conform to the DTD.  We have _lots_ of passages encoded with 
> conditional text, and I hoping there's a wise, reasonably-easy way to sort 
> this out.
> If you have experience with adapting to the DTD - especially in transition 
> from unstructured documents, please contact me off-line.
> "?Thanks! in advance for your help and
> Regards
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