I use FM9 and SnagIt together all the time and don't have any problems with
shortcut keys. You might want to look at the Windows SnipIt tool which is
very similar tool that comes with Vista and XP. (It does have its
limitations, but overall, probably will get you what you need.) You could
open the captures when you have captured all that you need in SnagIT editor
and then edit them - just a thought.


Tammy Van Boening
Spectrum Writing, LLC
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Subject: Shortcut Control keys - Part deux

Thanks to all for your previous comments about my problems with shortcut
keys not working in FrameMaker. The problem was Snagit. As long as I don't
have Snagit open, FrameMaker hums along nicely. (As nicely as FM9 CAN hum
along...) However... I still need to capture screens. Has anyone who has had
this problem used another capture utility that doesn't interfere with FM? I
have the free version of ScreenHunter, but I can't edit the captures. I can
upgrade and get the version that can. Does anyone else have ScreenHunter, or
another recommendation?

Any insights or advice? Thanks in advance.

Corinne Kenney
Technical Documetation
Golden, Colorado 


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