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Try Rick Quattro's Table Cleaner plugin. There's an option for adding
columns to tables, and it also lets you resize all the columns in all the
tables at the same time (as I recall; been a while since I had to use that

Worth the money, IMNSHO.

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> All,
> I have a two chapters in a guide that I am currently working on that 
> have over 100 tables each. The format for the tables was supposedly 
> locked down, but now, I have been asked to add an additional column to 
> every table. It would be the last (right-most column) in the table and 
> it must have  width of 1.25". Is there a way to semi-automate this 
> process as at all in Framemaker? If I were copying rows that would be 
> one thing as Framemaker gives you the option about the location to 
> paste copied table rows but not w/ columns. Right now, I am just 
> pointing and clicking and using the Insert column and Resize column
options and at this rate, I will burn half a day!
> Thanks,
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